In principle, all textiles offer a certain level of UV protection. However, protection from ultraviolet rays is relatively low with very light and thin summery materials, for example, cotton or linen. 

Suitable UV protection textiles offer the best protection from harmful UV radiation, mainly due to processed synthetic fibres and special fabric construction. UV protection also varies according to the type of shading textile, for example, sunshade or beach shelter, and is always dependent on the processed material and colour. To be on the safe side, it is thus also important to pay attention to the listed UV protection factor.

Textile UV protection tested according UV STANDARD 801

Lightly woven cotton clothing

UPF approx 10

Tightly woven cotton clothing

UPF approx 20

UV protective clothing

UPF approx 20-80

Parasol with special UV protection

UPF approx 40-80

Other UV Protection measures

Sunscreen when applied correctly

SPF 1-50+

Shade under a tree

UPF 5-15

Sunshade (without special UV protection)

UPF approx 15